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Athul Cyriac Ajay

Personal Blog of Athul Cyriac Ajay who is an Undergraduate Engineering Student in College of Engineering Kidangoor, a GitHub Campus Expert and a Python, Js lover.
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ETHIndia/Bangalore Days

September 03, 2019  5min Read

For the First Time,I attended my First Hackathon in Bangalore and it was an international Hackathon called ETHIndia. Wew,it was actually really awesome to visit Bangalore and Hack on something I dont know anything about

My System Setup

July 09, 2019  1min Read

My Personal and Mobile Setup for Coding and Basic Stuffs

Making GitHub apps with Probot

July 04, 2019  4min Read

Making GitHub apps easier with Probot and Node.js

Shell Scripting to Automation

July 02, 2019  3min Read

Automating Basic Unix stuff with Shell Scripts/Bash Scripts. From Pushing to different branches to saving you a Few Keypresses

Programming on your Phone

June 23, 2019  2min Read

How to start using termux,using it as your local development system with Git,Neovim and your required language packages

Freshman Year

June 22, 2019  5min Read

Summary of my First Year College Life,My first year of Engineering,My first year of meetups, and my First Year of Open Source